Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting ready for the trip to Sydney

It is almost June first and I will be counting the days before I leave on an exciting trip, first to visit my father in LA for a few days then off to Sydney where I am going to meet up with Petra, Nel, Carol, Isabelle and Guy to see the quilt show and after a few days of we will go by car to Melborne. Everyone keeps telling us to fly but we will be in the car laughing and stopping when we want and making side tours whatever we want to do we will soooooooo we are going to drive.
I need to look at the weather and I am going to try to take as few clothes as possible. I always wanted to get on a plane with just a ticket and a toothbrush. Now. I want to be a little more organized. Joe and I went to France one year and forgot a bag the one bag that had all of our toiletries in it. We had to go to the store and buy everything and that really wasn't a lot of fun so now I will take a trip with the important things and then buy whatever I want.
I like to put all of my clothes in the extra room and lay them all out and everyday remove something. I always feel like I have to take lots of clothes but then I never wear them all. I will try to post things before I go to let you know how it is going and of course while I am gone too. Petra will be blogging so I will have my own helper along. I am very proud of myself for finding this today so I could blog again.