Friday, September 27, 2013

Well it has been 2 years

Well it has been 2 years but I am back. I have good friends who are helping me to try this again. It is the first time in the two years that I have had anyone to help me even find this blog. I am at "Quilts in the Barn" in Wonga Park, Australia. We have Chintz Quilts. Lots of Chintz Quilts. Today was sunny and bright with lots of visitors to see the Dutch Chintz from Den Haan & Wagenmaker Store in Amsterdam. Come by and see the exhibit and buy some chintz fabrics. WE have lots of helpers, Jenn Murray , Irene Blanck, Margaret Mew, Meredithe Clark, Kim Bastiani, Jill Pearce, Liz Roberts, Alison Gardener, Di Hall and many more. If I have missed you it is the margarita. I am sorry. I will try this again tomorrow night. Thanks for checking to see if I have posted in the last two years. Some of these ladies even said they checked last night. That is why we are trying this now. When I am rested I will share my trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The trip from Hell! But we made it and we are happy we got here. Mary.