Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello, I did it, I found my way back. Sorry to all of you who have posted me notes and I couldn't reply.
Today is a good day!!!! I have Traveling with Mary at 4pm in the store. We are going to have a good time. I will share video's of the Red and White Quilt Exhibit in NYC that I went to and couldn't share with you because I couldn't get back on. My good friend John took great photo's and his partner Ray Pool set the photo's to his harp music, they are wonderful. Enjoy!

And here is his Flickr where all the photos are posted:

Now that I remember how to sign in again I will post more in the next few days. Thank  you again for sending me good wishes to blogland!


  1. Thanks for sharing, and welcome back!

  2. Mary, just a beautiful presentation of the photos, and georgous music to match. Glad you found your way back.
    l can't wait to see you and Joe again in June.

  3. Mary - thanks for posting! Glad you enjoyed these and that others are doing the same. Now to make a Red and White Quilt!

  4. Mary, Thanks for posting our videos. John's photographs were fabulous. He paid such great attention to the details of the pieces. It was a pleasure to mount them in these clips. We're both very pleased that you gave them this attention. --Ray.

  5. The video is amazing!
    Forgetting your password is something I would do! LOL

  6. Mary, Thank you so much for these videos. A friend of mine has just alerted me to your blog. Congratulations these are fantastic. As someone who lives a long way from the US it is almost as good as being there. The music is wonderful too.