Monday, April 18, 2011

It was a blast!

We had so much fun yesterday watching the videos of John Kubiniec and Ray Pool that we stayed so long after the class. We found quilts we wanted to make and favorites we all had. We laughed about the fact that the cover quilt was easy to make once you figured it out. Not everyone thought so but we will show them. Joe's favorite of all of them was that quilt and I thought maybe I should just make it for him. Time is all it will take. I am not sure I will have the time but I thought to myself I could do it by hand and if I did that I could just take it everywhere I travel.  I will keep you posted but don't count on it right away I have many other quilts I am working on right now. Getting ready for Quilt Market is a hard process, I have so many ideas and so little fabric. All I have to work with are small pieces of strike off fabrics and with that I must make a quilt and anything else that I can. Already we have wonderful things ready, When I get them finished I will post some photo's. Really I am getting better, it is all practice and I will be with Petra in Nantes and she will help me put the photo's on. I think I remember all she taught me now I just need some photo's to share. Keep watching.

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  1. Wish l was there!! Have watched the first video, about to put 2 and 3 on while l do some bookwork in the office.